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‘Jihadi junior’ gran devastated by video

The grandmother of a British boy thought to feature in the latest Islamic State (IS) video says it is “really devastating” he has been taken away from her.


Victoria Dare said she recognised Isa – thought to be aged under five – by his eyelashes and mouth, but that she was not looking at him as if he was her grandson.

Speaking on the BBC’s The One Show, Ms Dare said she had not seen Isa, or her daughter Grace “Khadijah” Dare, a Muslim-convert extremist from south-east London, since 2012.

She said: “I am not taking it as he is my grandson to be in that situation. That is the way I can deal with the situation.

“Naturally it is my grandson, but this is not what God gave me.”

Ms Dare added that she still called her daughter Grace, and said she missed them a lot because the “joy” had been taken away from her.

“That joy is taken away from me which is very devastating. I need my grandchildren, my daughter, I need them back.”

Isa’s grandfather, Henry Dare, has said that he believes the youngster is being used as a “shield” by the terrorists.

Police are working to determine whether the boy is one of Grace Dare’s sons.

Mr Dare told Channel 4 News: “He’s (used) for propaganda. He doesn’t know anything. They (IS) are just using him as a shield.

The majority of the footage, which has yet to be independently verified, features a masked man who insults UK Prime Minister David Cameron. The masked man then kills a prisoner. Four other men then kill one prisoner each.

The man speaks in a British accent and appears to mimic the style of the British man known as Jihadi John – real name Mohammed Emwazi – who was killed in a US drone strike in Syria in November.

The boy makes a fleeting appearance at the end of the 10-minute video.

Wearing camouflage clothing and a black headband, he says: “We are going to go kill the kaffir (non-believers) over there.”

Grace Dare was brought up as a Christian but converted to Islam and started using the first name Khadijah, her family said.

She travelled to Syria in 2012 and married Swedish Islamic fighter Abu Bakr, who is believed to have been killed since.

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